Reflections for the Camp

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Canares Iad Luther Sikat 2A

“Being the 2nd OIC has allowed me to learn many things from the teachers and instructors. I learnt to be more aware of my surroundings, how to empathise with people and how to think forward. I can apply these skills in my CCA as well as other school events by helping to facilitate a group and pass on my knowledge to other people. I expected to gain more confidence as a leader and through this camp I managed to achieve it through the various experiences.”

Ng Shu Qi Charis 2D

“For this trip, my best learning experience is that I get to step out of my comfort zone to do something new. I learnt the importance of time-management and I can apply this in my daily life. I also learnt to solve problems by thinking out of the box. This camp has allowed me to achieve my expectations as I was given the chance to take ownership of my own things. I would love to go for this camp again as I will be able to learn something new everyday.”

Nur Fatini Natasha 2B

“In this camp, I got a chance to communicate and work with new and different people. As we began to know more about each other, I learnt that we can learn from one another to gain different perspectives about the same activity. I expected the camp to be tough and it was. The activities were difficult but it made me determined to push myself to do them. Given a chance, I would like to go for the camp again as I am able to bond with the people around me and appreciate nature.”

7th Nov 2015 (Day 6)

Today we went White Water Rafting, had our campfire and had a solo moment to write a letter to ourselves.

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Muhamud Izz Daanyal B Ismail 2A

“Through this activity, I learnt how to be focused on the goal at hand and also how to care for my teammates on the journey. With the support and encouragement of my teammates, I was able to continue even though I was tired. I identified that one of my strengths is that I am a team player and I can work well with others. I can improve on my strength by being the link between my teammates and bond the entire team together.”

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Vanassa Ang Zhu Er 2D

“I realised that I have a positive mindset and this positivity kept me going for the activity. Since I am not confident in swimming, I was afraid of falling out of the raft and into the water, However, my teammates gave me words of encouragement and assured me that it would be fine. This built up my self-confidence and I learnt the importance being confident.”

Nur Izzati Bte Johari 2N2

“For White Water Rafting, I learnt that it is important to work as a team. In order for the boat to move forward, every one on the boat has to row at the same time. Following the instructions given by the river guide is also important as it would help us a lot. I believe that I can overcome every fear that I have if I put in effort to do so. It is also important to put in your best in every activity to gain some learning points out of it.”

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Joel Wang Zi Hua 2C

“Today’s activity taught me the importance of social-awareness and teamwork. Along the river, there were some low-hanging branches. The team would help one another by warning each other of them. I identified one of my strengths as being good at motivating people. If I could do something differently, I hope to be able to motivate more of my teammates along the way.”

Back In Singapore!

Dear all,

The trip was a great success and everyone is safely back in Singapore and back in our homes. (: Thank you to all staff, parents and teachers for your kind support. We will continue to collate the photos taken and student reflections to share them here on this blog in the upcoming days so, please do continue to watch this space!

Thank you all again. 😀

6th Nov 2015 (Day 5)

Today we went Waterfall Abseiling and finished up our VIA activity.

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Nur Nadia Bte Mahmud 2N1

“From today’s activities, I learnt to conquer my fears and trust myself. I also learnt the importance of trusting in others. I was initially nervous because I have a fear of heights. However, I managed to overcome it when the group of us who were afraid came together to comfort each other. In the future, I want to be more confident of myself and not be fearful of being judged by others.”

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Lai Kit Mun 2D

“Despite being fearful, we should always do something to the best of our abilities. In this activity, I learnt that we need to overcome our weakness in order to do something properly. I managed to overcome my fear because my team mates were constantly encouraging and supporting me. If I could do another water abseiling activity, I would want to do it over a longer distance.”


Chernice Ng Xin Yi 2T1

“I identified that one of my strengths is motivating others when they feel like giving up at a point of time while one of my weaknesses is that I am not bold enough to try new things. Through this activity, I built my self-confidence while abseiling down. The team kept encouraging each other to build our confidence up. Although I was afraid that I might slip and fall, I told myself that I cannot give up.”

5th Nov 2015 (Day 4)

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Sherlyn Koh 2C

“I realised that my strength was my positive mind-set and my weakness was being afraid of getting dirty. I can try to improve by ignoring the dirtiness and focus more on the task given instead. I spread positivity to my other teammates and reminded them why the task was important. I can apply this to my daily life by always trying my best to see the positivity in everything that I do.”


Chiew Wei Cheong Ellson 2T1

“I learnt about teamwork and how to communicate with my teammates when painting the farm house. I painted very well but my weakness is that I did not talk more to my teammates. If I could do something differently, I would like to try catching the fishes again.”


Adnan Mustaqqim B Mohd Razali 2N2

“Through today’s Values In Action (VIA) activity, I learnt to work together with my teammates. My teammates and I helped each other out. Time passed quickly when we were doing the activity. I learnt that there are no shortcuts when we have to get things done. I think that the activity was meaningful as small actions can also make people smile.”

4th Nov 2015 (Day 3)


BM Deepika 2B

“I learnt that determination is important when we doing the activity “Helium Hula”. “Helium Hula” required the group to work together as a team, to find the best solution.  I also learnt about the importance of safety when we were doing outdoor cooking. Trekking was tiring and challenging, I learnt to have courage and not give up easily.”

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Wee Yan Dan Yanni 2B

“Through the various activities, I identified that my strength is being able to help others. However, I also need to look out for myself more. During the trek, I helped to carry the jerry can and ensured that everyone could refill their water bottles and keep themselves hydrated. When doing the “Helium Hula” activity, I learnt that we must sometimes think out of the box.”


Liew Wei Ren Keefe 2D

“Today I learnt about teamwork, perseverance and determination. When trekking, the ground was wet and it was challenging to navigate through the jungle. I learnt that I can be my own motivator and I can complete something if I put my mind to it. I identified my strengths as being very supportive when needed and I have a positive mind-set.”

3rd Nov 2015 (Day 2)

We finally managed to get wifi! 😀 However, it’s still very unstable, but we’ll try our very best to upload whenever possible. We are all here safely and having a great time!

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Nur Atiqah Binte Adma (2N2)

“I learnt to be responsible, to have integrity and also how to work as a team for today’s activity. I also encountered difficulties today. I was afraid of falling down when we were climbing up a mountain but everyone started to help each other out so I overcame my fear. If I could do something differently, I would like to use another strategy for paintball. I can apply what I learnt to my life like teamwork in my studies and also playing games.”

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Arina Nur’Atiqa Binte Suwarjo (2T1)

“I learnt that it is important to have teamwork. We should show care and concern for others who are not as confident in completing a task. Climbing up the hill was challenging but I tried to overcome my fear by thinking positively. If I could do something differently, I would like to be able to extend a helping hand to more of my teammates.”

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Lee Le Wei (2B)

“I learnt about perseverance and determination today while encountering difficulties. Although the climb was difficult, we supported one another and encouraged each other to continue climbing. I have learnt to persevere in life and never give up.”