5th Nov 2015 (Day 4)

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Sherlyn Koh 2C

“I realised that my strength was my positive mind-set and my weakness was being afraid of getting dirty. I can try to improve by ignoring the dirtiness and focus more on the task given instead. I spread positivity to my other teammates and reminded them why the task was important. I can apply this to my daily life by always trying my best to see the positivity in everything that I do.”


Chiew Wei Cheong Ellson 2T1

“I learnt about teamwork and how to communicate with my teammates when painting the farm house. I painted very well but my weakness is that I did not talk more to my teammates. If I could do something differently, I would like to try catching the fishes again.”


Adnan Mustaqqim B Mohd Razali 2N2

“Through today’s Values In Action (VIA) activity, I learnt to work together with my teammates. My teammates and I helped each other out. Time passed quickly when we were doing the activity. I learnt that there are no shortcuts when we have to get things done. I think that the activity was meaningful as small actions can also make people smile.”