7th Nov 2015 (Day 6)

Today we went White Water Rafting, had our campfire and had a solo moment to write a letter to ourselves.

IMG_4659 IMG_4669

Muhamud Izz Daanyal B Ismail 2A

“Through this activity, I learnt how to be focused on the goal at hand and also how to care for my teammates on the journey. With the support and encouragement of my teammates, I was able to continue even though I was tired. I identified that one of my strengths is that I am a team player and I can work well with others. I can improve on my strength by being the link between my teammates and bond the entire team together.”

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Vanassa Ang Zhu Er 2D

“I realised that I have a positive mindset and this positivity kept me going for the activity. Since I am not confident in swimming, I was afraid of falling out of the raft and into the water, However, my teammates gave me words of encouragement and assured me that it would be fine. This built up my self-confidence and I learnt the importance being confident.”

Nur Izzati Bte Johari 2N2

“For White Water Rafting, I learnt that it is important to work as a team. In order for the boat to move forward, every one on the boat has to row at the same time. Following the instructions given by the river guide is also important as it would help us a lot. I believe that I can overcome every fear that I have if I put in effort to do so. It is also important to put in your best in every activity to gain some learning points out of it.”

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Joel Wang Zi Hua 2C

“Today’s activity taught me the importance of social-awareness and teamwork. Along the river, there were some low-hanging branches. The team would help one another by warning each other of them. I identified one of my strengths as being good at motivating people. If I could do something differently, I hope to be able to motivate more of my teammates along the way.”